The Alien

Finally… The Alien has arrived… 

The Laugo Arms Alien represents a quantum leap forward in semi-automatic pistol design; a specimen of evolutionary success with multiple patented and innovative performance features and a DNA deeply rooted in competition. Freed from the confines of obsolete locking mechanisms and conventional trigger designs, the Alien ushers in the dawn of a new breed… the first of its kind.

  • World’s lowest bore axis reduces muzzle flip for an incredibly flat recoil impulse
  • Fixed barrel eliminates movement during the firing cycle, resulting in exceptional accuracy
  • Innovative gas delayed blowback system brings the pistol back on target faster
  • Interchangeable slide rails and magazine wells allow for misson-specific adaptability
  • Non-reciprocating top rail provides an uninterrupted sight picture and target focus
  • Exacting quality derived from industry-leading manufacturing processes and equipment

Manufactured and hand-fitted by Laugo Arms Czechoslovakia. Proudly imported and distributed by Lancer Systems.

$4,819.00 – $6,270.00 MSRP

The Alien Full Kit comes complete with a custom hard case containing the Alien pistol, three (3) magazines, a standard top rail with adjustable competition, fiber optic sights, a red dot top rail with Laugo red dot sight, magwell, custom Elornis holster and frame, cleaning supplies, tools, and a snap-cap for dry fire exercises.

Alien Full Kit Includes:

  • Laugo Arms Alien pistol (9x19mm)
  • Three (3) 17-rd Magazines
  • Standard Fiber Optic Iron Sight Top Rail
  • Red Dot Top Rail with Laugo Red Dot Sight
  • Magwell
  • Custom Elornis Holster and Frame
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Custom Hard Case
  • Snap Cap
  • Tool kit

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