Noreen Firearms

Options galore!  That’s what you get from Noreen Firearms.  After pioneering long action impingement rifles, the team in Belgrade, Montana answered the growing industry demand for short action (.308 class) AR-type receivers by designing their own .308 multi-caliber billet lowers.

The engineers at Noreen designed this lower after the DPMS Gen I pattern.  As such, this line of lower receivers offers the user the greatest variety of parts available for the .308 class of AR-type firearm. These lowers are compatible with the Noreen .308 forged upper as well as Gun Tec’s .308 billet upper receiver. As with the other Noreen lower receiver offerings, these are purpose built from 6061 Aluminum.

Bolstering the popularity of user-built AR-type firearms in this class, Noreen Firearms is leading the way in functional options.  Gone are the days of flat black and tan/FDE/desert sand-type colors being the only option! While these world class lowers are always available hard coat anodized and finished in flat black, they are also offered raw. This allows the builder to apply any coating they desire.

For those builders up for an increased challenge, the Noreen .308 lower receiver is available as an 80% receiver.  These receivers will fit the Noreen .308 Lower Receiver Jig Set as well as many other popular 80% finishing jigs.  Builders who plan on using a non-Noreen finishing jig should contact Noreen Firearms to verify compatibility.

The Noreen Firearms .308 Lower Receiver now comes with the Bolt Catch/Release Retainer Screw and bulk pricing is available from as few as three receivers, an option rarely seen in today’s industry!  For anyone looking for high quality .308 class lower receivers at an affordable price, Noreen Firearms has you covered.

BN308 Long Range (.308)

MSRP: $1,599.99

The .308 Winchester is a great caliber for long range capabilities, and when you are looking at making that 1000 yard shot, you need to be able to depend on your rifle being capable of sending your round down range accurately and with reliability. With those goals in mind, the BN308 was born.

Noreen Firearms developed a simple rifle to meet the needs of long range shooters who prefer the .308 caliber. Simple, clean, and effective, the BN308 LR is a great rifle that was developed to do a job, and do it exceptionally well.

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