About Us

What about the Rhinos?

The name pays homage to 1st Platoon C co.( “Charlie Airborne”) stationed in Ft. Wainwright Alaska from the mid to late ’80s.  A company size detachment of U.S. Army Paratroopers assigned to 2nd Brigade 6th Infantry Division (Light).  At the time I was assigned to Charlie Company, SFC. (Sergeant First Class) Williamson would handpick the members of the platoon which he named “The Rhinos.”  This is how I became a member of RHINO FIRST “Charlie Airborne” 6/327 Inf. 172nd Inf. Brigade.  The unit was later designated C co. 4/9 Inf. “Manchu” 6 ID (Light), the Arctic Paratroopers of the U.S. Army.  So, when it came time to choose the name of the service that will eventually become our company, Rhino First was at the top of the list.  We strive to continue  a level of excellence worthy of the name Rhinos.

Charlie Airborne loading up on a C-130 at Ladd Army Airfield, Ft. Wainwright, AK. – Circa 1987.