AR-15 Maintenance

The AR-15 is probably my favorite rifle.  I love to shoot it.  The 5.56 rounds are relatively inexpensive compared to other caliber ammunition and great deals are out there.  Now,  once you shoot it, you better clean it.  There are all kinds of opinions out there on this particular subject, but I think that Steve Adelmann did a great article on the cleaning and maintenance of this magnificent machine.

“The truth of the matter is that, just like any other mechanical device, our AR-15s need to be maintained to work well when needed and outlast us in the long run. While revolutionary new parts coatings, materials and lubricants can extend the time between major cleanings and inspections, they still do not a maintenance-free AR-15 make. Metal parts that rely on close tolerances to work in concert with each other—especially under high pressure and heat—are happiest when free of heavy gunk, corrosion and debris. While you are cleaning, you can also perform a few simple inspections to catch potential problems before they cause you grief during trigger time.” – Steve Adelmann at NRA Shooting Illustrated

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AR15 cleaning guide