My Daily Carry…

I first became a fan of the Heckler & Koch firearms company back in 1986 during my days in the military.  After firing an MP5 and P7 while training, I was hooked and pursued the brand for my civilian needs.  I have never been disappointed by the performance of these firearms.  No matter what the application or task there is a factory configuration for your gun.

From the first time I fired the latest iteration of H&K’s great line of pistols, the VP9 SK, I was once again in love.  Out of the box the gun felt great in my hands, was accurate, and to this date has had not malfunctions.  I did have an issue getting a tight shot group at first.
I had automatically adjusted the the grip to small. All small side and back strap panels. The pistol has always had great engineering that helped minimize and control recoil, but the added adjustable grip features really enhance the experience.  After swapping the side and back straps to adjust the distance to trigger, my shot groups were instantly improved.  Adjusting so that my finger lands just perfect on the trigger immediately from hold makes a big difference in trigger pull.  The love affair with H&K products continues.

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For more information and specific details on this and other guns visit: Heckler & Koch.